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Friday, March 9, 2012

Surprise Photo Album!

I was in the garage today and just opened up a box to take a look.  Not too far down I discovered an old family photo album that I had forgotten about.  There are some great pictures in it which help tell Madeline's story.

This one is titled "Kids at the Brook" and on the back she has listed everyone's name.

There are a few photos of Ginger and in every one the poor thing is tied up to something.  I don't remember Madeline talking about Ginger although she did like our dogs.

Family photo with her brother Chuck trying on Dad's hat.  This photo really shows the difference in their ages.

The beautiful old house in Keene NH.  I was there only once but I remember pocket doors, large rooms, and the biggest soapstone kitchen sink I have ever seen.  And a dumb waiter.

A school photo from when she lived in South Newbury.

I'm sure she was one of her teachers.  Love this photo, the hat and gloves and shoes, even the dress is cool.

Graduation Day!  Sorry Madeline, I just had to share this photo.  She is not happy about something.

Looks like a photo booth series.  Love her hair!

Sitting outside at University of New Hampshire - the college years.

Her friend Maxine

UNH building - she once took my family on a tour of UNH.  I loved going back in time with her and hearing her stories.

Studying by the fire at UNH.  Cozy!

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