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Friday, January 27, 2012

Memories from a Scrapbook

I am going through a box of Madeline's scrapbooks.  I don't know how she had time for studying or a social life with all the scrapbooks she made.  I'm grateful to her, though, for keeping the history alive for us.  I posted earlier about her Nelson Eddy/Jeannette MacDonald scrapbook.  I just discovered that she made at least two more on this same subject!  Guess she really dug him!  I picked one scrapbook and noticed there were a lot of clippings and notes that were not glued in.  I picked out a random few for today's post. 

This is titled "Smart Sayings from 'Kitty Foyle' by Christopher Morley".  This was a popular book in the 1940's.  You can still buy it today.  It was made into a movie starring Ginger Rogers; you can read about the movie here.  I believe Madeline took these sayings from the book.  It is quite a list!


I don't know anything about this little "Greetings From New Hampshire".  She may have written the verse or she may just have copied it out, but she was proud of her home state.

A blank Western Union cablegram.  I have to share the link to the amazing images that come up when you google "Western Union Cablegram World War II".  (Don't forget to come back to Madeline's Memories!)

This is a newspaper clipping of a map of the 1939 World's Fair exhibits.  I have many earlier posts on this World's Fair.  Please use the search feature on the right hand side to see these posts.  The best thing, however, was tucked inside the folded clipping--her handwritten notes on the exhibits!

You can really imagine her going around to all the exhibits, taking brochures, and making her notes in a little notebook.

Lots more scrapbook memories to come.

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