Ephemera is a broad term used to describe items of paper that were created for use in a short time span and meant to be thrown away after one or two uses. Items generally put into the ephemera category of collecting would be sheet music, posters, stock certificates, post cards, cigarette cards, magazines, catalogs, and the like.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Star Scrapbooks

I discovered a box full of Madeline's scrapbooks this past weekend.  I just picked out the top two which are both Movie Star Scrapbooks.  It was fun to look through and pick out which pages to show you.  Hope you enjoy the movie star history treat today!

Here is the second album:

If you are interested in seeing more of these scrapbooks, just google "movie star scrapbooks" and you will get quite a list to look at.  Also, check this webpage out.  Interesting!  I will post more of Madeline's scrapbooks in the future.

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  1. How fun, that you have all these treasures from your mother-in-law! When I was a young girl, I used to cut out pictures of glamorous stars (Cher was a particular favorite, as were all the Miss Americas for a few successive years) and glue them into a notebook. I have no idea why ;) It's fun to read your post and to realize other people did the same crazy thing . . . Thanks for sharing this. It sure made me smile.