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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Doll House

Remember this photo?

A box with pieces of an old metal doll house that were bent and dirty.  My youngest son put it together for me the other day and here it is:

It's not very stable because some of the metal tabs were missing, but you get the idea.  Let's take a tour!

The nursery, of course.  I believe the house was Marx's "Disney Colonial".

The bathroom, with the lovely 1950's pink tiles.

Dining room?

Living room, with view of front door.

Another view of living room, with fireplace.  Cozy!


Garage, but no car.

Outside patio.  (I am not a photographer, sorry.)

View of upstairs patio.  I know there was a plastic table with chairs and umbrellas that came with the house.

Side view.  I believe I may be missing a piece of the chimney that would attach to the roof.  I was afraid to move the house to take a pic of the front.

The doll house actually belonged to my sisters-in-law.  One of them was there when we found it and she remembered playing with it.  I offered it to her for her granddaughters, but she wisely said no thanks! 

Here's what the front looks like:

This photo from an ebay listing also shows the furniture that came with the house.  Now I'll be on a mission when I hit the antique shops to look for the furniture.  But for now I think I'll drag out the Play Mobil furniture and little items that I have stashed away for my imaginary grandchildren.  I'm going to have some fun with the doll house because I always wanted a house like this when I was little.  Santa brought a cardboard doll house one year which was about as sturdy as this one.  What I would really like is an old wooden doll house, maybe a split level to match our lovely home.  But for now I'll find a little corner of my room and enjoy this one.


  1. Nice work on putting that doll house back together - Disney stuff tends to be popular with collectors. If I come across any furniture for the Marx "Disney Colonial" in my cyber travels I'll let you know. House cleaned up nicely and looks like new. Bathroom decor has improved, I daresay.

  2. Oh, how fun! I always wanted a house like this when I was a little girl too. Enjoy!