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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Franklin Square House

After Madeline graduated from the University of New Hampshire she obtained a job at Paine's furniture store in Boston.  She lived at the Franklin Square House where all proper, single young women lived at that time.  Here is a brochure about the rooming house, which was carefully filed away with her memories.

Here is the list of the "rules":

She stayed in Room 546 A.

In 1970 the Franklin Square House was sold to the city of Boston and a high-rise, with 147 apartments, became the new Franklin Square House, providing affordable housing, shelter for battered women, and day care.   An interesting fact about the building is that the front of the building was used in the opening credits of St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) to represent St. Eligius Hospital.  (Loved that show!)

Madeline lived here until she married in December 1946.


  1. Isn't that neat. I have never watched a lot of television but I remember St. Elsewhere and I looked it up on youtube just to see the building again. What a great story.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving the sweetest comment. :)

    What a fun brochure this is. I've never heard of a party room being called the Fudge Room. Yum! And those rules! No slacks after 11 am on Sunday or head muffled in a bandana. Funny...

    Have a great week!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this brochure. I just discovered that my great, great Aunt lived there in the 1930's and it's fun to see what her life must have been like.

    ~Kelly :-)

  4. I lived at the house in the fall of 69. I was a student of the J.R. Powers Modeling School. I remember the legend of some long ago nursing students regarding a murder! What a great place for a ghost story. We loved the Roof Garden, a very relaxing place for a 17 Yr. old from Leicester MA. to go. I was only 17 and lived there until the end of the year. Great memories for a grandmother!! I also was the one who stole the dispensary sign one night.

  5. I was a 17 yr. old woman when I came to stay at the F.S. House. I came to Boston to study modeling at the J.R. Powers School on Washington St. A wonderful ghost story about the House was instigated by a group of Nursing students, who lived there at one time. There were a group of Dental students across the hall, and we loved the rooftop garden. BTW, I "borrowed" the dispensary sign in '69.