Ephemera is a broad term used to describe items of paper that were created for use in a short time span and meant to be thrown away after one or two uses. Items generally put into the ephemera category of collecting would be sheet music, posters, stock certificates, post cards, cigarette cards, magazines, catalogs, and the like.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Madeline's Husband and High School

Madeline's husband Archer attended Watertown Senior High School in Watertown, MA.  Yesterday I found some of his high school memories in a box.  Here is his class photo, sadly it is not dated.

Archer is in the middle of the first row.

I found two dance cards, complete with attached pencils.

Lots of fox trots!

Here is another dance card from 1934.  The cover is black with green printing, but the scanned image came out just black.  You'll have to use your imagination.

More fox trots, but I love that he saved the last dance for "Mother"!

I checked on Ebay and they have a few dance cards from this era offered for around $25!

One other item pertaining to Archer was in this box, but it is not high school related.  It is a business card for the family business, which was renting chairs for events.  I love the idea and the card so wanted to share with you.

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  1. Greetings Ann,
    I'm a social dance historian and appreciate you sharing these dance cards online. I would like to be able to share these images via my blog or in lectures I give, may I? The interesting thing to note about them from a historians perspective is that most dances high school and collegiate youth did that we think of as "Swing" or roaring 20's dances (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blackbottom, Shag, Truckin', Breakaway, Varsity Drag, etc.) were done to what would be labeled Fox Trot music in the era and as such were considered Fox Trots due to the Jazz based 4/4 time signature associated with Fox Trot. So seeing a great deal of "Fox Trot" at a youth dance is spot on. Just thought you might dig a little insight ;-)