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Friday, February 18, 2011

Madeline in Pictures

I recently received a big batch of photos of Madeline from all phases of her life.  I picked out just a few to share today.  I'll start with this sweet photo of Madeline and her mother and her doll, sitting on the front steps.

Her doll looks a lot like this one we found in her attic recently:

Try to picture the doll without the hat, gloves, and shoe.  Maybe?

Taken on her first birthday.

Two pics in the snow.  Looks like about a year or so apart.  She always made a fashion statement!

Must be Easter!  Photo above is Madeline with Annie, her grandmother who raised her.

A serious looking Madeline in her teens.  Of course very few of the photos are dated.  Thank goodness digital photography takes care of that!

Very cute!  I think I count 4 candles on the birthday cake.  Love the bloomers.

For a contrast--Madeline in her later years.  She loved politics and was very active in the Massachusetts Republican Women's  Group.  Madeline is in the print dress and that is her good friend Pat, along with Mitt Romney, of course.  I miss talking politics with her. 

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