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Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Photos of a Young Madeline

I like to skip around the years in Madeline's life.  Today is about Madeline as a very young child.

This is the house where Madeline mostly grew up in on Washington Street in Keene, NH.  It looks very idylic in the pic with the snow on the roof and the ground.  The inside of the house was just spectacular!  I was only at the house one day in my life, but I was overwhelmed by all I took in.  Pocket doors, old wood everywhere, the biggest soapstone sink I've ever seen in the kitchen with an overhead sprayer, a dumb waiter, beautiful old wooden stairway, and more dishes in display cabinets than I had ever seen. 

Madeline and her chickens.  This picture would have been taken at her first home in Newburyport, NH.  Her father raised chickens for a time.  I might not have put a child that young in with the chickens. 

Madeline flies the flag.  She was one of the most patriotic people I've known. 

With her umbrella.  Always with a prop.  Love the old car in the back.

With cousins Don and Harry.  Don't you love her big bow that is almost bigger than her!

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