Ephemera is a broad term used to describe items of paper that were created for use in a short time span and meant to be thrown away after one or two uses. Items generally put into the ephemera category of collecting would be sheet music, posters, stock certificates, post cards, cigarette cards, magazines, catalogs, and the like.

Friday, July 2, 2010

1939 World's Fair: Three Travel Booklets

Madeline always had an urge to travel so it is no surprise to me that she seems to have collected every single travel booklet available at the 39 World's Fair.  I selected three to highlight today:  "Adirondack Region"; "Palisades Catskills Region"; and "Relax in New England".  Enjoy!

This is a beautiful, thick, black and white booklet with many photos of the Adirondack Region.  The center fold pages are a large map of the 7 counties that make up the region.  There is much written information about the region as well. 

This is also a thick, black and white booklet detailing information about the counties of the Palisades Catskills region.  It details the history of the region and shows off its natural beauty.

This is a color and black and white brochure from the New England exhibit at the New York World's Fair.  They were trying to entice visitors to travel to New England after their time at the Fair.  It is really a guide to Northern New England:  Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  It has maps, photos, guide to transportation, and hotel listings. 

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