Ephemera is a broad term used to describe items of paper that were created for use in a short time span and meant to be thrown away after one or two uses. Items generally put into the ephemera category of collecting would be sheet music, posters, stock certificates, post cards, cigarette cards, magazines, catalogs, and the like.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kellogg's Funny Jungleland Moving-Pictures

I was looking at one of Madeline's many scrapbooks and this little gem popped out.  It is a very colorful cardboard booklet of animals doing silly things.  The back cover dates it as 1932, No. 210A.

The middle panel has 6 overpanels so you can mix and match and make some crazy animal scenes.  Very clever and creative art work.  This kiddie tryptich booklet was first introduced as a premium by Kellogg in 1909, available free with the purchase of two boxes of cereal.  The promotion continued for 23 years, with this booklet being the last one issued. 

Page one of the booklet

Example of an inside page.

I can imagine Madeline receiving this booklet and immediately placing it in her scrapbook for safekeeping.  I don't even want to think about all the neat items I have found in cereal boxes over the years and failed to keep.  The booklet is actually in very good shape. 

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